Graphic Design for Non-Graphic Designers

Did you grow up dreaming of being an e-learning designer? How about a graphic designer? I bet not! Most of us working in the e-learning industry today never dreamed of having the jobs we have. Because of this, it can be a scary prospect when you’re asked to design a visually engaging and informative course.

What colors work well together? Which fonts should be used for headers, and which ones for body content? How can I communicate information visually? These are all questions you’ve likely asked yourself while designing an e-learning course.

In this free webinar recording, I’ll show you some basic graphic design techniques and how to apply them to your content.

Graphic Design for Non-Graphic Designers

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Tim Slade

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  • It id indeed that design is an iterative process, so keep reworking your ideas and projects. As you progress, you’ll develop your own workflow and one day that design that took you all day will only take you an hour. Believe me, it’ll work!

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