Client Review for Translations: Setting Expectations

We’ve been working on a lot of translation projects at Artisan recently. I enjoy them. I like seeing and hearing all of the different languages, and it’s an interesting change of pace. As much as I like it, though, translation can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. An issue I’ve faced recently revolves around […]

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Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency—Q&A

Diane and I had the pleasure of sharing some ways we have streamlined our production process in last week’s “Best of DevLearn” Webinar presented by The eLearning Guild, which you can view here. (Log in as at least a free Guild Associate to view the recording.) During the session we talked about: The data types […]

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Track Course Completions for Free Using Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer

Are you creating courses using Adobe Captivate and don’t yet have a learning management system (LMS) for tracking results? Did you know there is an alternative, FREE solution? Using the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer, you can capture student scores and question-and-answer specifics, which can provide insight into your learners’ performance in the course. The […]

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Tim’s Top 5 BIGGEST (little) Features in Articulate Storyline 2

If you haven’t already heard the big news, Articulate released their first major upgrade to their award-winning rapid e-learning authoring tool, bringing us to Articulate Storyline 2. This upgrade has been long-awaited by many e-learning developers, wanting even greater tools to design best-in-class e-learning content. With all of the new and exciting updates Articulate has […]

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One Simple Trick for Troubleshooting Technical Problems with E-Learning Courses

It’s bound to happen sooner or later: you get “that” call from a customer. There’s a technical problem with the course, and they need you to solve it. “The course isn’t working right. The narration and audio are completely out of sync.” “The interaction on slide 34 doesn’t work for me.” “The text on slide […]

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How to Create an Animated GIF From Video in Photoshop

We’ve all seen them before. Those animated, funny and sometimes annoying images that get sent around the office or family in long chain emails. Animated GIFs are usually associated with entertainment blogs (such as and other social media outlets. However, animated GIFs can also be used in e-learning to add visual movement and interest, […]

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