Work From Home? 5 Tips to Help Keep You Sane

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “work from home?” Is working at home a dream of yours, a reality, or something you’d never want to do? If you’re one of the many people in the e-learning industry who works from home, I bet you can relate to some of the following truths. […]

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Six Proofreading Tips Straight From the Pros

It’s happened to all of us…we notice a grammar error just as we hit send on an email. Or we see that our bullets are not aligned as we are stapling our 50th document. It’s not that we don’t know the rules; it’s that we didn’t do an effective job of proofreading our (or someone […]

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Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re creating a presentation, a document, or an e-learning course, graphic design is what brings your content to life. The importance of graphic design can’t be understated—good graphics can take an otherwise boring piece of content and turn it into something that is both engaging and memorable. Of course, this is easier said than […]

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Confessions of a Project Management System Convert

“It’s so time-consuming to enter everything in!” “It’s so clunky!”  “It’s so much easier to manage everything in email.” “It’ll take too long to catch up.” Yes, I’ve said every single one of these. These were my excuses to not use Celoxis, our project management software. Even though we implemented the system a year ago, […]

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Adobe Captivate: Should You Buy or Subscribe?

One way Adobe Captivate sets itself apart from other well-known e-learning authoring tools is that it offers a subscription model in addition to the option of buying it outright. Which is a better choice? Let’s start by explaining what the two offers entail. Purchase outright: You can purchase a new license of Captivate 8 for […]

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Event Recap: ATD TechKnowledge 2015

As January comes to a quick end, it has already been fun and exciting 2015 here at Artisan E-Learning! Two weeks ago, Diane and I attended (and presented at) the 2015 ATD TechKnowledge conference in Las Vegas. For those of you unable to attend, here’s a recap of our sessions and some of the resources […]

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