Be Aware of Being Aware

You might have faced this situation before: you’re working on an e-learning course, and the subject-matter experts (SMEs) keep wanting to include every single bit of information they have about the subject into the course. Your job is to filter all this information based on the needs of the learners and the performance goals of […]

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Do You Really Know the Terms and Conditions of Your Purchased Media?

“Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.” Click. Eager to get to the next step on the website or download, you check that box and move on without much thought to what you just agreed to. What’s the risk really? Well, what if you are downloading images to include in an e-learning […]

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Three Tips for Teaching Successful Software Training Classes

As Artisan’s resident E-Learning Authoring Tools Trainer, the primary focus of my job has been to teach other e-learning professionals how to use programs like Articulate Storyline and Studio either in person or online. Each learner comes with a different level of experience with computers, and some learners require more attention than others. Making sure […]

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Eliminating “Character Writer’s Block” with

Recently, I was writing storyboards. When I came to a scenario, I felt that old, familiar feeling coming on: What names should I use for the characters? It’s a strange sort of writer’s block. We all know lots of names, right? And we couldn’t possibly have used all of them in one set of storyboards. […]

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Four Ways to Incorporate Storytelling in Your Next E-Learning Course

Several years ago, frustration with my job search was approaching critical mass. I had many skills, but I couldn’t see how they were connected. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon over Mayan Mochas, I vented to a friend, “I am a professional Frankenstein!” To my surprise, she disagreed. She said, “You think your interests are scattered, […]

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Two Quick Time-Savers in Adobe Captivate 9

Last week’s release of Adobe Captivate 9 has some great new features that really set the tool apart: More flexibility in responsive projects Greatly enhanced object styles The ability to capture video demos from mobile devices, such as an iPad (only available on the Mac version of Captivate) An iPad app that lets you create […]

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