PowerPoint for Graphic Design

PowerPoint is one of those tools that we don’t give enough credit. We all know PowerPoint can be used to create presentations and long lists of bullet points. But, did you know you can use PowerPoint for graphic design? It’s true. When you start thinking of a PowerPoint slide as a blank canvas, it opens a world of new possibilities.

In this free webinar recording, I’ll show you how to use the features of PowerPoint for graphic design.

PowerPoint for Graphic Design


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Tim Slade

4 Responses to “PowerPoint for Graphic Design

  • Tim thank you for sharing your expert knowledge. I facilitated learning sessions on Microsoft applications for years, including PowerPoint. But, I do not have a background in graphic design. I always heard PowerPoint, especially the newer versions, can serve as a graphic design tool. However, each time I tried creating custom graphics I would draw a blank, I think it has to due with not have what I call “the designer’s eye”. Your webinar opened the door and offers creative ideas I can follow up with. Cheers!

    • Hi, Thomas! Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you liked the webinar recording! I hope it sparked some new ideas for you! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Dee Hagerman
    4 years ago

    Great Video. I learned so much about powerpoint that I didn’t know existed. Thanks and I will be watching more of your videos.

  • Professional PowerPoint templates and themes are a great way to look. I use PowerPoint all of the time for designing graphics independent of any presentations. Thanks

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