Articulate Storyline Tips in Under 140 Characters: Part I

My absolute favorite part of being an e-learning developer is the incredible sense of community that exists with Articulate users. It’s the skills and lessons that I’ve learned from the E-Learning Heroes (ELH) Community that led me to where I am today in my career. Nowhere else can you find a group of professionals that are so willing to share their experience, insight, and talents to benefit their peers, colleagues, and even their competition.

So, for my first post as a member of the Artisan E-Learning & E-Learning Uncovered team, I thought that it would only be fitting to showcase that sense of community. In this series of three posts, you’ll learn some great Articulate Storyline tips based on a simple question posed by us and a wonderfully generous response from the community.

Our Idea

A few years ago, Tim conducted an experiment with crowdsourcing e-learning tips through a Twitter campaign. The response was great, and the campaign was quite successful in a short amount of time. People from all over the industry shared their best e-learning tips in under 140 characters–which makes it that much more of a challenge.

This time, we went back to the Twittersphere to ask Storyline users a similar question–could they share their favorite Storyline tips in under 140 characters? For three weeks, we asked users to share their best tips using the hashtag #Storyline140.

The Results

Once again, we were pleasantly surprised at the positive response that our social collaboration experiment received almost immediately. Folks from all over shared everything from their favorite Storyline features to time-saving tricks for using the software more efficiently. The response was so great, it was quite a challenge to choose which ones to feature in this follow-up post, and we ultimately went with the ones with the most likes and retweets.

Coming Up Next

In my next post, you’ll get a look at how to apply some of the best tips focused on our favorite Storyline features. Stay tuned!

Mike Jones
Artisan E-Learning

One Response to “Articulate Storyline Tips in Under 140 Characters: Part I

  • Kendra L Barker
    2 years ago

    I have tried to use the duration for timing my SL courses. However, it never seems to be accurate when I pilot it with others.

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