Workshop Overview

Back in the day, e-learning courses were made by “the man behind the curtain.” Secret programmers with special, secret skills worked behind closed doors to build courses designed by us mere mortals.

Today, tools like Lectora prove that you can create a course that is visually rich, highly interactive, and customized to meet your instructional needs. You can do all of this without having to write a single line of code.

What Will You Learn?

During this two-day, hands-on Lectora Training Workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to start creating interactive e-learning content. One of our e-learning experts will guide you through building a course in Lectora from beginning to end.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Lectora interface and course structure
  • Title properties
  • Chapters and pages
  • Previewing
  • Inheritance
  • Audio and video
  • Basic navigational elements

  • Text and images
  • Actions and buttons
  • Click-to-reveal interactions
  • The Flash assets library
  • Simple knowledge interactions
  • Advanced text options
  • Advanced logic
  • Quizzing

  • Custom interface design
  • Publishing (tables, hyperlinks)
  • Variables and tracking
  • Social media widgets
  • Animations/entrance effects
  • Web objects

Clear & Simple Pricing

Two-Day Group Workshop

Two-Day Group Workshop


Bring us on-site or online for a 12-hour, hands-on workshop with your entire team!

Two-Day Group Workshop

One-on-One Virtual Workshop


Let us pair you with one of our e-learning experts for a private, hands-on virtual workshop!

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Who Should Attend?

This workshop has been designed for anyone who is just getting started with Lectora.

What Equipment & Software Do You Need?

To attend this workshop, you will need a computer (running the Windows operating system) with an Internet connection, a mouse, and Lectora installed.

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Diane Elkins

Diane Elkins

Diane Elkins

Founder & President

Diane is the Founder & President of Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered. Diane leads the executive team and also keeps busy speaking, writing, training, and occasionally jumping in on a development project. She started in the e-learning industry back in 2000 by helping a classroom-based training service provider convert its content to e-learning. She speaks at several national conferences every year, and is a past board member of the Metro DC and the Northeast Florida chapters of ATD (Association for Talent Development).

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