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The E-Learning Uncovered book series is designed to give you the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time. You’ll learn about virtually every check box, every menu, and every option in your favorite e-learning authoring tool. But we don’t just tell you HOW to check that box or click that menu; we also explain WHY you might or might not want to.

Brand new users will walk step-by-step through every aspect of creating great e-learning. Intermediate users will benefit from the special tips and insider secrets that let you do more and save time.



Articulate Storyline 3

Adobe Captivate 2019 book cover

Adobe Captivate 2019


Articulate Books

Articulate Storyline 2 Book

Articulate Storyline 2

Articulate Storyline Book

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Studio '13 Book

Articulate Studio '13

Articulate Studio '09 Book

Articulate Studio "09

Adobe Captivate Books

Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate 9 Book

Adobe Captivate 9

Adobe Captivate 8 Book

Adobe Captivate 8

Adobe Captivate 7 Book

Adobe Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate 6 Book

Adobe Captivate 6

Adobe Captivate 5.5 Book

Adobe Captivate 5.5

Lectora Books

Lectora 12 Book

Lectora 12

Lectora 11 Book

Lectora 11

Lectora X Book

Lectora X

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