From Pictures to Multi-State Object in Articulate Storyline 360

Back in August of 2019, the folks at Articulate released an update to their Storyline 360 application. This release did not see a lot of attention because it was primarily made up of minor bug fixes.

However, there was one “enhancement” that I think should have gotten a lot of attention. With this release, you can now quickly convert a stack of images into states of an object. Watch as I show you just how easy the process is and how much time it will save you.

William Everhart
As the E-Learning Authoring Tools Trainer for E-Learning Uncovered, William is focused on helping others to overcome their software challenges. He holds multiple Adobe ACE certifications as well as CompTia's CTT+ certification. William travels the creative and professional learning conference circuits inspiring others to create amazing and educational content.

3 Responses to “From Pictures to Multi-State Object in Articulate Storyline 360

  • Lu Post
    2 years ago

    This is so great! I didn’t hear about this but this will save so much time, especially with custom buttons! Thanks so much!

  • Diane Peters
    2 years ago

    Just an observation. The narrator states that the “gas gauge” goes from full to empty. In my experience, full is at the right and empty is at the left. So, in reality, as the needle moves left-to-right, it is going from empty to full.

    • William Everhart
      2 years ago

      I guess it depends on the make of your car. Of course to make things absolutely clear, one could add an E and an F to the gauge. Thanks for watching and for commenting. I hope that you enjoyed the lesson otherwise.

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