Cropping Images in Captivate 2019

Over the last few weeks I have been busy putting the finishing touches on our NEW Adobe Captivate 2019 book. While gathering together some exercise files, I had to crop a handful of images. What I discovered is that I was using different methods depending on the situation. In this post, I wanted to share with you my methods for cropping images in Captivate 2019 and why.

William Everhart
As the E-Learning Authoring Tools Trainer for E-Learning Uncovered, William is focused on helping others to overcome their software challenges. He holds multiple Adobe ACE certifications as well as CompTia's CTT+ certification. William travels the creative and professional learning conference circuits inspiring others to create amazing and educational content.

3 Responses to “Cropping Images in Captivate 2019

  • Thank William Everhart for another excellent post. Awesome tutorial. I appreciate you sharing this blog article. Much obliged.

  • Penelope
    10 months ago

    You are an excellent teacher! Very well done tutorial! If your book is just as good as your video tutorials, I’ll have to buy your book! 😉

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