How to Gamify Your E-Learning

E-Learning gamification is a popular buzzword within the e-learning industry. Although the appeal of e-learning gamification is high, many e-learning developers shy away from it. There’s a perception that gamification is overly complicated and technically challenging. This comes from the idea that e-learning gamification is all about creating complex games. And this simply is not true. Gamification is really about applying game-like elements or strategies to enhance the learning experience.

In this free webinar recording, I share tips for how to gamify your e-learning content.

How to Gamify Your E-Learning


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Tim Slade

8 Responses to “How to Gamify Your E-Learning

  • Melissa
    8 years ago

    GREAT webinar – thank you for making this free and available after the live one. I’m looking forward to the how-to videos.

  • Great tutorial! I felt all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside as soon as I saw the word “Gamification”, to be honest. I’m a huge fan of the method, especially applied to adults. I’m the kind of person who really likes the competitive elements like badges and leaderboards, but storyboards and all that are cool as well.

  • I’m new to elearning and came across this website in Google search. Great contents and very helpful tips for beginners.

  • Christina Worrell
    8 years ago

    Tim – I am creating a game with a map that new employees have to visit each part, see instructions, then complete a quiz, and once all of them are completed, they earn a funny certification. Could you send me an example of where you have created something similar so I can figure out how to use variables and triggers to make this happen?

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