Free Resources 

Flash Media Library – A complete guide to the Flash objects in Lectora’s media library — Now updated for Lectora X.5!

Posed Character Guide – A complete guide to the characters and poses available in Lectora X.5 and up

Video Player Guide – A handy reference for Lectora X.5’s video skins

50 Time-Saving Tips – A two-page reference guide from the 2011 Lectora User’s Conference Presentation

Looks Like Flash, But It Isn’t – Zipped .awt file from the 2009 Lectora User’s Conference Presentation

Jeopardy-Style Game – Zipped .awt file and instructions for an instructor-led Jeopardy-style game

Certificate Guide – A one-page reference with a color example of each certificate type for the Certificate Tool — useful for design discussions

Hotkeys Guide – A two-page list of all the default keyboard shortcuts in Lectora, along with instructions on how to set up your own shortcuts

Template Guide – A handy reference of all the available template options for creating a new title

Animated Character Guide – A guide to all of the animated characters in Lectora’s media library

Book Description and Reviews

Learn to use Trivantis’ Lectora E-Learning software to create interesting and engaging courses.

1. Getting to Know Lectora
2. Setting Up a Title
3. Working With Text
4. Adding Graphics and Media
5. Page Layout and Design
6. Actions and Interactions
7. Advanced Actions
8. Custom Interface Design
9. Tests & Quizzes
10. Surveys
11. Forms
12. Special Tools & Wizards
13. Preferences
14. Publishing

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