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Our Essential iOS Apps

If you haven’t noticed from my prior posts, I’m always looking for time savings and efficient ways of doing things....

E-Learning Blog

Breaking Bad Habits that Waste Time

In my personal life, I’ve chosen a few “bad habits” to give up for the next several weeks. There are many ideas...

E-Learning Blog

Microsoft Office 2013

Unless you’ve been buried so deep in an e-learning project you haven’t come up for air, you’re probably aware that...

E-Learning Blog

Tune-up Your E-Learning Workstation for the New Year

It’s a new year, and that means time for resolutions! For most of us that means self-improvement – exercise, diet,...

E-Learning Blog

New Year’s Resolution – 2013: Organize to Save Time

When I teach work/life balance, I teach about organization. Why? Because being organized increases productivity, decreases stress, and can even...

E-Learning Blog

Book Review: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

I’ve read some really fantastic books and some not-so-wonderful books. When it comes to e-learning, Dr. Susan Weinschenk has put...

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