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New Storyline Keyboard Shortcuts for Leaners title graphic

New Storyline Keyboard Shortcuts …for Your Learners

Articulate just released a great new usability/accessibility feature for your learners. In a published course, students can type a question...

Storyline 360: Year in Review

Articulate Storyline 360: The Year in Review 2020

2020 was quite a year!! In the midst of all the crazy, were you able to stay on top of...

Flash is Dead: What Does That Mean for You and Your E-Learning Courses?

Flash Is Finally Dead: What Does That Mean for You and Your E-Learning Courses?

It’s official; Flash is dead. Murdered actually. It officially died on December 31, 2020, but it wasn’t until this week...

Elearning resources from 2020

E-Learning Resources From This Past Year

2020. What a year it has been! The events of this year meant William and I didn’t have the chance...

Using Diverse Names in Your E-Learning Courses

Several years ago, I worked on a project to create an e-learning course for a customer relationship management platform, and...

COVID Masks for Your E-Learning Characters

Because of the coronavirus, the world looks very different than it did back in January 2020. And your e-learning courses...

Exporting Screen Recordings from Articulate Storyline

Learn how to export Storyline screen recordings in part on in whole for additional editing in Camtasia or publishing to YouTube.

Create a Blurred Background for Articulate Storyline 360 Courses

Have you ever wanted to apply a blurred background effect for scenarios or other slides in Storyline but then decided...

Top 5 Articulate Storyline Time Saving Tips

Want to save time building courses you’ll be proud of in Articulate Storyline? Check out these five time saving tips...

Learn the least of Articulate Storyline to convert slides and other media into a rich interactive experience, fast.

Recording: The Least You Need to Know About Articulate Storyline 360

Organizations are canceling in-person training classes left and right–and justifiably so. But that doesn’t mean your training need has gone away. If you need to get up and running on Articulate Storyline VERY quickly to create self-paced online training, then check out this free webinar recording.

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