Free Webinar: Captivate vs. Storyline – Afternoon

We were shocked at just how fast our Captivate vs. Storyline free webinar sold out. Since then, we have been gloriously inundated with requests to be put on a wait list or for a recording of the event. Well, we are going to do you one better.

We’re offering a second session of this webinar almost immediately following the first session. It is all the same material, only at a later time. So if you missed out on the first session, here is your chance to find out which e-learning authoring tool is the best (for you).

What’s the best e-learning authoring tool out there? There’s no one right answer; it depends on what matters most to you. Identify key features and characteristics that differentiate tools—such as price, ease of use, interactivity, accessibility, and mobile compatibility—so you can make the best choice to meet your needs. Gain perspective on how popular e-learning authoring tools such as Storyline and Captivate stack up in these categories. Take a quick under-the-hood look at these two tools to get a sense of what it’s like to work with them.

William Everhart
As the E-Learning Authoring Tools Trainer for E-Learning Uncovered, William is focused on helping others to overcome their software challenges. He holds multiple Adobe ACE certifications as well as CompTia's CTT+ certification. William travels the creative and professional learning conference circuits inspiring others to create amazing and educational content.

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