How to Create Animated Hover States in Articulate Storyline

One of my favorite features in Articulate Storyline is states. States are used to create multiple variations of a single object, and they can be used on buttons, images, shapes, captions, characters, and more. Most commonly, states in Articulate Storyline are used to create multiple variations of a button. For example, you can create a hover state or visited state to change the way the button looks when the learner hovers over or clicks on the button.

Storyline Button States

One of the things I love most about states in Articulate Storyline is that the more you play and experiment with them, the more you uncover about what you can do with them.

I was recently working on a project with a client, and during the review process they asked if it was possible to add a bit of animation to the hover states. So I fired up Articulate Storyline and started experimenting.

What I discovered is that animations can be easily incorporated into states! Depending on the animation you add, the effect can be subtle or dramatic.

Here’s a quick video to show you how I did it!

If you like this effect as much as I do, download this free Articulate Storyline file with 15 different examples of button with animated hover states! Click the image below to see a sample gallery of this effect in action. Enjoy!

Animated hover states

Tim Slade

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