Fixing Bullet Point in Articulate Storyline

I was recently working on a project in Articulate Storyline that involved using a lot of bullet points. In general, I try to stay away from using too many bullet points in my e-learning design. In most cases, there is usually a better alternative if you dedicate enough time to being creative. However, in this case (for many reasons that I won’t go into) there was no avoiding it.

If you’ve ever used bullet points in Articulate Storyline, you’ve undoubtedly ran into this issue:


The above image displays a classic issue most of us have experienced – bullet points with inconsistent size and color. This issue, although annoying, is easily avoided. I decided to create a video to demonstrate. Enjoy!

Tim Slade

14 Responses to “Fixing Bullet Point in Articulate Storyline

  • Good solution, Tim. The great news is this will not be an issue in 2.0:-)

    • Tim Slade
      7 years ago

      Thanks David! We’re all looking forward to Storyline 2.0!

    • Thanks David! We’re all looking forward to Storyline 2.0!

  • Kelly Prince
    7 years ago

    It’s also been great motivation to stay away from bullet points and do something more engaging like RSIs. 🙂

  • Very helpful, thank you.

  • TalkShop Best English School
    7 years ago

    I agree that it is annoying using bullet points with inconsistent size and color. Your tips are really helpful.

  • Great video – well done and very helpful. Thanks!!

  • Pete Flynn
    6 years ago

    Never, ever use bullets in PPT!
    Aside from being really lame, Articulate will scramble them when the content is published. If you have a Customer who is paying for them, convert the elements into png and manage them as integrated images.

  • Dan Graham
    6 years ago

    Great quick fix Tim! Have you encountered problems with bullets and spacing in the notes section? Any tips for that?

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