The Technical Review: Questions to Ask

During my last post I mentioned the Online Review where we test everything from course navigation to individual screen elements to make sure they work.  While this review helps us make sure the course works properly for our designers, developers, and testers, we also make sure it functions properly on the target platform with a Technical Review.  Generally, this testing is coordinated with the client’s I.T. Department.

Technical testing is an area where our prototype is extremely valuable.  The goal of this review is to find any technical issues that may affect the course (specifically, we look for possible integration, load, and platform issues).  We make sure we get feedback EARLY in the development process in case there is something that will change a significant aspect of our design.

Here are the questions we ask for each of the three areas that may need to be tested:

  • Integration testing – combining program units (such as the published course, browser, and LMS) to see how they work together
    • Does the course operate properly with each of the other systems?
  • Load testing – subjecting a system to specified demands (such as a projected number of people taking the course at the same time) to see how it performs
    • Will the course cause the systems to slow down or even crash?
    • Can the servers handle it?
    • Can the company bandwidth handle it?
  • Platform/Workstation testing – taking the course with the specified platform/workstation configurations to see how it performs
    • Will the course run properly on the various configurations?
      • Computer type (PC and/or Mac)?
      • Browsers and versions of browsers?
      • Mobile platforms?
      • Through a network, such as Citrix, if one is used?

In a future post, I’ll share information about End-User Testing and the questions we ask.

Desiree Pinder
Artisan E-Learning

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