The Online Review: The Content, Instructional Design, and Editorial Reviews

The past several weeks, I’ve been sharing the questions we ask and things we look for during our different reviews.  This week, I’ll focus on the Online Review.

The Online Review is my favorite review!  It is the first time I get to see the content when it is “alive.”  I get to see how the programmer has interpreted the notes from the writer and instructional designer, how things look, and sometimes what ideas need tweaking so they function the way they should.

The Online Review includes several different types of reviews:

  • Content Review
  • Instructional Design Review
  • Editorial Review
  • Functionality Review
  • Technical Review
  • End User Review

Since I’ve already shared some of the questions we ask during the storyboard phase for the first three reviews, I’m going to share the questions we ask during these once the course moves to online draft.  I’ll share the questions we ask during the Functionality, Technical, and the End User Reviews in future posts.

Content Review

We do another Content Review because even though we reviewed the content very thoroughly during the storyboard phase, we want to make sure everything translated properly to the online version.  Question we ask include:

  • Are the questions we asked during the storyboard Content Review still accurate now?
  • Did the storyboard translate properly into the working onscreen version?
  • Are the ideas and concepts in the storyboard actually effective onscreen?
  • Are the media elements (such as graphics, interaction, audio, and video) correct?
  • If the course has audio, are the words pronounced and emphasized properly?

Instructional Design Review

We do another Instructional Design Review because we want to make sure that once the course is online it has the desired flow, clarity, and interactivity. Questions we ask include:

  • Are the questions we asked during the storyboard Instructional Design Review still accurate now?
  • Do we need to change/add/remove media elements to make the content clearer?
  • Is the navigation (how to move through the course) clear to the student?
  • Do the interactions work?  Did they translate properly from storyboard to online draft?

Editorial Review

We do another Editorial Review because we want to make sure that creating interactions, copying and pasting items onto the screen, etc. hasn’t created new errors we need to fix.  You’ll want to check EVERY inch of the screen during the Editorial Review.  It is so easy for someone to make a mistake even in a copy/paste action. Questions we ask include:

  • Are the questions we asked during the storyboard Editorial Review still accurate now?
  • Does everything match the storyboard?
  • Are there any errors hiding in the course?  Here is the list of places I find errors hiding, and you can click here to find out more:
    • Bulleted Lists?
    • Screen Titles?
    • Extras Screens?
    • Onscreen Instructions?
    • Graphics/Charts/Diagrams?
    • Alt Text?
    • Links?
    • Anywhere Anyone Made a Change?

In a future blog post, I’ll share what we look for during our Functionality Reviews–or what we do to make sure the courses WORK!

Desiree Pinder
Artisan E-Learning

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