The Instructional Design Review: Questions to Ask

In my last two blogs, I’ve noted how we structure reviews and listed some questions I ask when doing a content review.  I’m going to stay on topic for the next couple of weeks and share what I look for during other reviews.  This week let’s look at the Instructional Design Review.

Just because you have thorough, accurate-and even GREAT-content doesn’t mean it is taught well!  This is why we always check the instructional design.  If you’re a one-person team, this means you’ll want to do a self-check.  Ideally, though, you would have a separate team member with instructional design knowledge review the course.

Unless we have a project where we have chosen to take a rapid development approach and skip the storyboard, we do the Instructional Design review (and Content Review, as well) in the “paper” phase of our reviews.  It is much more efficient and cost-effective to make changes before the course is online.  We use Microsoft Word’s Tracked Changes and Comments features to note changes and questions throughout the process.

Here are some of the questions we ask:

  • Is the content accurate?
  • Is the content presented in the best way?  For example, are difficult concepts broken down properly?  Could an example be used to clarify a point?
  • Will the students understand what is expected of them?
  • Are the benefits of learning this information clearly explained?
  • Does the teaching content support the objectives?
  • Will the students know how to apply the information to their particular situation?
  • Are the students given opportunities to practice the concepts?
  • Do the students receive adequate feedback on their practice sessions?
  • Are the questions too easy or too hard?
  • Are any of the questions too subjective?
  • Does the course use screen and knowledge interactions?  (Nick did a really nice job of explaining what I’m checking for in his last post.)

Check back here next week to read about what we look for during the Editorial Review.

Desiree Pinder
Artisan E-Learning

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