Creating a Business Case for E-Learning

“Everybody is doing it.”

“I’ve heard it will save us money.”

“My bonus is tied to it.”

“The CEO read an article about it and now we have to deliver 50% of our training online by the end of the year.”

There are many good reasons (and some NOT-so-good ones) for companies to consider e-learning courses as a solution to their needs. To help you decide whether or not you have a good reason to delve into e-learning, we’ve created a quiz as part of our E-Learning Uncovered: From Concept to Execution book.

Need E-Learning

Please note that there is no scoring for this quiz. If you say yes for even one question (assuming it’s a big enough issue for you), that alone may justify an e-learning project. At the same time, you may say yes for several of the questions, but another factor might make e-learning inappropriate. Use this quiz to help you understand the business drivers behind the decision.

If you’d like more information, please contact us or feel free to attend our FREE webinar in July. The “Is E-Learning Right for You?” webinar is being graciously hosted by the Suncoast Chapter of ASTD and sponsored by Artisan E-Learning. Everyone who attends will be registered to win one of our E-Learning Uncovered books.

Nick Elkins

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