ZebraZapps Quick Tips

For those of you who are looking to get the best mileage out of your ZebraZapps test-drive, here are a few quick tips:

  • Know your wire views. It’s great to be able to create interactivity visually, but those wires can get pretty messy, pretty fast. Pressing W shows more wires and Shift+W shows fewer. You can cycle through showing all wires, showing all wires between the selected objects, showing message centers only for selected objects, and hiding all wires.
  • Duplicate objects by Alt+dragging them. And remember, your new object will have the same wires as the original object! That can be a huge time-saver, but if you don’t want the wires, you can just click on them to delete them.
  • Rename your message centers. If you are working with several objects, it can get confusing as to which properties apply to which object. You can rename the message center by clicking in the name at the top and typing in a descriptive name.
  • Create your own shortcuts. If you don’t see some of the features you are used to from other tools, you can probably make them yourself. For example, if you prefer to enter colors as a hexadecimal number, just wire the color selector to a text input field with the hexadecimal code you want. Align two objects by wiring the X values or the Y values of two objects. And create “styles” by wiring the properties of one text box to others.

What shortcuts have you figured out? Feel free to post them here!

Judy Unrein

3 Responses to “ZebraZapps Quick Tips

  • Here’s one that I use a lot:

    Ribbons that become wired will continue to stay showing in their message center. You can hide them using the ribbon library, but to save time you can just drag them out of the message center and let go. Try this with a button’s Click-release ribbon to get an idea.

    Now here’s the real trick: instead of going over to the ribbon library to turn a ribbon on in your message center, start wiring it and then let go before you attach it to anything. The ribbon will stay in your message center so that you can continue working with it. To remove it, just drag the ribbon out of the message center.

  • Judy Unrein
    11 years ago

    Good one! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous
    11 years ago

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